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Roal Dahl

We chose to write a biographical account of Roal Dahl because he inspired us with his remarkable stories. Roal Dahl is a very motivating author with his books and stories, for both children and adults.  These include the BFG and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Once a week, while Roald was at boarding school, the school children received taster boxes from Cadbury’s. These chocolates were the small spark of inspiration for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory because he always had a desire to create a new flavour confectionery.

Previous to this during the Second World War when piloting  Hurricane planes, the small faults that frequently occurred he named as Gremlins. this was the title of his first ever book – The Gremlins.


By Serphia

Roald Dahl


Class 6 have been researching biographies in literacy.

Roald Dahl

We chose to write a biographical account of Roald Dahl because his humorous inspiring stories, which makes easy reading, are based on his own life experiences.  He wrote the Gremlins after  World War II and he crashed his Hurricane in the war because he ran out of fuel! Soon after he wrote James and the Giant Peach in 1961, followed by Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in 1964, then, he wrote Fantastic Mr. Fox in 1970. 

By Kurt Walker 


writing a narrative in to the forest

The boy walked  trough the forest as he carried his little food basket.

Therefor the boy walked through the ghostly trees as the leaves crackled in despair.

The bare trees were  dressed in spiky branches.

Meanwhile the boy walked on the white path past all the leafless trees.

A mane of leaves from the desolate trees lay – as if they were sleeping lions.

Blankets of leaves covered the forest floor beneath the bare trunks of the intimidating trees.

Extreme silence stretched along the path  and into the distance.

The eyes of the grand oak tree(that had no resilience) followed the frightened child as he walked warily along the winding path.

Prior  to his journey, was excited to travel to new lands.

Keira W

5 Habitats

  • Ants live in colonies. They live in groups as they have to work together to survive. Ants are very strong, and when they build a nest they usually burrow into the ground, under rocks or around trees.
  • A hares home is called a form. They are much larger than a rabbit and are more powerful with their legs. Hares do not dig and burrow into the ground like rabbits do, instead they live all their life above ground.
  • A squirrels home is called a drey.  It is a nest made of twigs and leaves. They line the inside with feathers or other soft materials to get comfy.  Squirrels build a nest high enough from ground predators but not too high or the nest could be destroyed by the wind.
  • A badger lives in a sett.  They live in a family group over round six orther Badgers in total, they have different rooms.  Some for sleeping and some for having babies.  A sett is a burrow underground that badgers dig using their sharp claws.
  • A foxes home is called a den.  These can be formed underground or in a cave, they can also go as high as the top of a tree depending on the foxes ability to climb.  However many fox species have adopted to human environments such as cities and other public places.